King Philip’s War and My Upcoming Book, The Last Pilgrim — SaylingAway

King Philip’s War is one few people know about – even in New England – but is considered by many to be the deadliest war in Colonial American history. It took place in the 17th century and involved the existing colonies: New York, Connecticut, Providence (Rhode Island), Plymouth, Massachusetts and the Maine territory. These colonies […]

King Philip’s War and My Upcoming Book, The Last Pilgrim — SaylingAway

Blast from the Past — Town Mouse

It’s not often you hear that your (old) home has been demolished, especially via a random tweet on a Saturday night. A seemingly random photo in Maidenhead en route to the big cup tie. But I believe the pile of rubble opposite the car park is the former home of ⁦⁦⁦@sallyhinch⁩ 😳 — Sprouthead […]

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African Agriculture: What Does the Future Hold? — Nicholas Alifa’s Blog

As an Agribusiness expert, I’ve been asked several times of the opportunities that are in this sector for the elites. The answer is always simple; if you must make fortune through agriculture, you will have to look beyond now. You need to understand the trend and try to forecast what will happen to the sector in the next five to ten years and even 50. While I may not be able to tell you all the changes that will take place in the African food system, I can authoritatively say, the future of agriculture in Africa is not going to be cutlass and hoe. That era is fast fading away. We are in the era of information, and knowledge is going to play a pivotal role in this critical sector.

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And Back to Reality — Town Mouse

After a fun-packed trip fuelled by wine, pastries and cycling shenanigans, there’s nothing quite like coming home to a flat front tyre to bring you back down to earth with a vengeance. Back when I worked in IT it was well known that UNIX servers would sense when their primary caregiver was on leave and […]

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